Guaranteed Sprinkler System Winterizing / Blowout Service
Winterization of Your Sprinkler System

You have invested a lot of money into installing a sprinkler system.  We all understand when water freezes that it expands. This expansion can literally destroy sprinkler system parts and piping.  The only way to protect your system from freezing during the winter is to get ALL the water out of it.  The best way to do that is to blow the entire sprinkler system out with a large volume of compressed air.  Once all the water is out of the system it is important to keep it this way until spring.

Why do you need to winterize your sprinklers?

It is amazing how water can be so destructive when it is allowed to freeze within your sprinkler system pipes.  It can literally shatter PVC pipes into hundreds of slivers. Poly pipes are a little more resistant to freezing but it still can split open.  The worst part about when things freeze in the ground is that you don’t know until you turn the water back on and it eventually comes to the surface.  We have seen freeze breaks that the water went right into the ground and the homeowner was facing high water bills.  When above-ground parts freeze, they are usually seen quicker because the water is running everywhere.  Often like geysers, spewing water several feet into the air.   This usually happens first thing in the morning and not a good way to start your day.  It really is best, before the cold settles in, to just have us winterize your sprinkler system to avoid these things.

How do we blow out your irrigation system?

We use a large 85 CFM diesel compressor that produces a larger volume of air.  We hook it up to your sprinkler system as close to the source as we possibly can.  From there, we blow out all the water lines and parts that may contain water.  The large volume of air creates turbulence that will force water out of cracks and off the sidewalls of the pipes. We run through every sprinkler zone for a set amount of time.  Once we have gone through everything the first time, we go through everything again.  We have found that if we let things settle, between before going through them again, we will be able to get more water out on the second pass. By doing this we are sure that we are getting out at least 95% of the water from your system.

Do we guaranty our winterization services?

Yes!  By allowing us to winterize your sprinkler system, in the manner we do, we know that the water is out of your system.  With that in mind, we are comfortable standing behind it with a guaranty.  What if something does freeze after we have winterized it, and if you allow us to repair it ourselves, we will repair it for free!

When can you turn it back on?

It works better if you have us turn the system back on for you in the spring through our Spring Start-Ups.  We can then make sure that thing have not frozen during the winter.  We are trained to look for signs in how the system is supposed to run.  If things don’t look right, we know to look into the possibility of something being broke and can fix it right away.  In the spring, we usually start turning systems on after we know there will not be any more chances of getting a hard freeze in the mornings.  These hard freezes are hard on any pipes or parts that are above ground, like pressure vacuum breakers.





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