Spring Start Up

Sprinkler System Spring Start-Up Service
Getting things Start Up for Spring

After a long winter we are all excited to get our sprinkler systems started.  Getting lawns to green up is an exciting time.  We offer a spring start-up for all our customers.  Especially those that we have done the winterizing for.  It is important to get things running well to begin with so that the system will work correctly throughout the summer. 

Though you may be anxious to get things going, you need to wait until there is no more chances of any hard freezes for the spring.  Jumping the gun and turning things on too soon can result in the possibility of the parts on the surface freezing and breaking.  Those items to really worry about is the Pressure Vacuum Breakers or any hose bib risers that may be above ground.  During this time of year it is less likely that things in the ground can freeze and break.

Even though it isn’t required for us to do so, if we have winterized your sprinkler system for you, it is a great idea to have us also turn the system on come spring.  We are more apt to be able to warranty things that may have broken over the winter if we know that the system was not turned on too soon.   

When we start up your system, we go through all the zones.  We check for several things as we do it.  We pay attention to the sprinklers and how they are running.  We make sure they have the pressure they need to work properly.  If they don’t, there may be a chance that something froze and broke.  In which we need to find the leak and repair it.  We also pay attention to the coverage and make sure the sprinkler heads are getting good coverage on the lawn.  We make sure the valves are working and not leaking past the valve.  Sometimes over the winter, the rubber in the valves can become brittle and not allow the valve to work properly.

Getting things set for the summer is important.  Let us help you start your summer off right!





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