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Sprinkler System Repair of a 1804 sprinkler

Sprinkler System Repairs is one of our leading residential and commercial services.  We have an entire crew dedicated to providing a wealth of knowledge about sprinkler system repairs.  Between all of us, we have well over 50 year’s experience in the industry.  Our team of skilled professionals work hard to provide you with the customer care and satisfaction that all of the hundreds of existing customers have come to expect. 

Even though our new installation crews work hard to install systems that keep the maintenance down to a minimum.  The reality is that sprinkler systems are installed in the ground.  The sprinkler system’s only job is to water the lawn, trees, and shrubs.  But these trees and shrubs don’t seem to value what the sprinklers do for them.  Their roots really like to play havoc with pipes and the lawns like to grow up and cover the sprinklers.  In some cases, the lawn will even grow into the heads.

The point is, no sprinkler system is totally maintenance-free.  Since the 1980’s we have been repairing sprinkler systems.  We have seen a LOT of different scenarios over those years.  From roots getting into pipes and literally filling the pipe with root growth, to walking up to find a PVC fitting that had ballooned up to the size of a softball from the pump running deadheaded for hours and boiling the water.  Oh…. and then there were the ground squirrels eating the wires going to the valves.  Over the course of the years, we have come to have the confidence that we can probably fix just about anything that may happen to your sprinkler system.

We can work on any type of sprinkler system.  Domestic systems, irrigation water systems, well systems, duel water systems and even greywater systems, they are all systems that we work on a regular basis.  Our rural communities have a wide range of water sources and we have learned to adapt to all kinds of scenarios.

We have worked on almost every brand of sprinklers that there is out there.  From cheap Lawn Genie sprinklers and valves to the commercial-grade Rain Bird parts that we prefer, we are familiar with at least 98% of them.  Once in awhile, we come across a brand we haven’t seen.  It’s rare, but when we do, we can usually adapt our knowledge to be able to figure them out.   We can work on all kinds of piping materials.  PVC, copper, galvanized, CPVC, ABS, PEX and poly pipe just to name a few.  Sizes from ½” to 24” gasketed pipe…. We have dealt with it!

As one of the longest running companies in the area that offers Sprinkler System Repair, you can be assured that we will do our very best to find a solution to your sprinkler system issues.  We have a very long list of satisfied customers for proof.  Feel free to contact us today!




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