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Sprinkler System Installations can get messy

Trusted as the top sprinkler system installation company across both Delta and Montrose counties for over 20 years, we understand what our high desert lawns need.  From the simplest of patio drip systems to the most complex commercial turf irrigation management systems, we can install a system that meets all your expectations. 

Keeping your lawn green can be a challenge here in our valleys.  The change of seasons can take things from lush green to dry as a bone in just a week.  Our soils don’t always retain water for very long.  Hot spots, that seem to never get enough water, are common in almost every yard.  The key to overcoming these challenges is starting with a system that you know is going to be dependable and provide the right amount of water when your lawn needs it most.

Installing quality parts and materials is the first step in creating a sprinkler system that you can depend on.  From schedule 40 PVC pipe, to commercial-grade sprinklers, we are known to go almost go overboard when it comes to installing the best of materials.  After years of repairing systems that contractors have cut corners by installing lower grade materials, we know how important it is to install the best materials the first time. 

Knowing how best to install those materials is the next step.  What some would question as to why we do what we do, we understand that doing it a certain way now will lead to not having to dig it up years from now.  Really!.... We don’t like digging!  There is nothing more frustrating than to dig up a pipe that someone installing it hadn’t used enough primer on a joint and after a couple of years it finally blew apart.  Knowing how to install things to make it easier to repair if needed only comes from years of having to follow behind contractors that don’t care. 

Trees, rocks and expansive soils can really play havoc on a sprinkler system over the years.  Knowing that the materials we use can withstand the roots longer is important to trusting that the system won’t burst and waste our precious water.  Once you can trust that things will work, it gives you the ability to focus on controlling how long and when to best water your lawn.  Installing a system that allows you to control things easily is key to keeping things green.  We only install sprinkler system controllers that are easy for our customers to understand.  Through our controllers, we can show you the ease of increasing or decreasing watering times as needed.

It comes down to this….. Our Sprinkler Systems Work!  We don’t cut corners and we install them to be flexible enough to grow with your yard.  Because we do things right, we are not going to be the low bidder of your system, but you will get a system that will work for you for years to come.




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Installation of a Febco 765 PVB coming out of the crawl space.

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