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Sprinkler System Monthly Check Ups
Sprinkler System Check Ups

All sprinkler systems, no matter how well they are installed, are not safeguarded from things happening to them.  Lawnmowers, dogs, and deer all tend to find ways to break sprinkler heads or chew up drip tubing.  Things happen!  It is a good idea to keep an eye on your system and check it at least once a month.  Look for things like: overly wet areas, overly dry spots in your grass, shrubs that look wilted, water running down the street, big holes in your yard, grass ballooning up while the system is running, and the list goes on! 

We understand that life sometimes gets crazy and you don’t always have time to check these things.  Or maybe you just don’t like to do it.  We can put you on a schedule to stop by and run through all your zones once or twice a month to make sure things are working properly.  Especially with the high water rates, it is often advantageous for us to be able to catch any problems that may pop up quickly before they cause a large water bill.  We also have people that go on vacations and just want us to check on their yard while they are gone.

When we do a Sprinkler System Check-Up, we will run a test on every zone for a few minutes each.  As the zones are running, we walk around and inspect the area that the zone is covering.  We make sure things are working correctly and adjust heads as needed to perfect their coverages.  We also keep an eye out for anything that may look to be out of normal.  Planting looking like they are dying, yellow spots in the grass and all those things we listed above.  If needed, we address the problem or alert you as to what may need to be done.

It really is a great way to give you some peace of mind that your sprinkler system is running as it should.




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