New Landscape Care Guide

We just installed a new sprinkler system, new hardscaping, and all new plants in your yard. 

"What do I do now?" ask.

This guide is here to help you with that.  Most likely Steve or Jared have already gone over most of this with you, but we know that there is a lot to take in and to remember.  So to better help you with getting your head wrapped around it all, we have created this guide to help you.


It is new! 

This online guide is definitely a "work in progress".  So please bear with us.  We are going to be adding to it as time goes on.  Right now, the most important information is here.  We made sure of that for you.


The links below will allow you to navigate through the guide like an index of a book.  The up button allows you to go back up to the main chapter page and the links to the left and right allow you to go back a page or forward to the next page within the guide.

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