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Surge® Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf provides an amine option for FAST weed control in warmer weather. University data and cooperator tests have demonstrated consistently enhanced speed
compared to other water-based amine weed control products. Surge provides outstanding control of spurge and other warm-weather weeds such as knotweed, plantain, oxalis, clover and dandelion.
Additionally, Surge provides suppression of young and actively growing yellow nutsedge.  Surge contains sulfentrazone, an advanced chemistry for weed control in turf, in a precise ratio with 2,4-D, MCPP-p
and dicamba. This ratio has been developed for optimum weed control.  The mode of action inhibits a key enzyme required for chlorophyll production.  Injury symptoms are visible within 24-48 hours. Weed control can occur 2X faster – in 14 days – instead of 28 days!  A water-based formulation, Surge provides an economical option for your

Fast visual response reduces call backs

Up to 2X faster than other amine products

Economical – lower cost water-based formulation

Warm-weather weed control option
*Yellow woodsorrel **Suppression only client’s late spring, early summer and fall weed control needs. Surge excels as a warm-weather weed control option.
Applications can be made at temperatures up to 90°F without loss of efficacy or speed when used as directed.
Surge is highly selective in established cool-season and warm-season turfgrasses, including bluegrass, fescues, perennial ryegrass, bentgrass, bermudagrass, zoysia-grass, centipedegrass, bahia grass and
buffalograss. Surge is rain-fast in as little as 6 hours, with a reseeding interval of 3-weeks. Surge provides versatility in your post-emergence weed control program.

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Turf Fungicide treatment


We are licensed with the State of Colorado to apply this chemical as per requirements.

S & E Ward's Landscape Mgmt. Inc
QS Stephen Ward ID# 00890  - CO State License #11293

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