MALICE - 34704-960

Chemical Name: 
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Malice™ 0.5G will control insects on turf and ornamentals grown in commercial and residential landscapes. Malice 0.5G is a systemic insecticide applied as a soil treatment only and is translo-
cated upward within the plant. For best results, Malice 0.5G must be applied where the roots of the target plants can absorb the active ingredient. After application, irrigate moderately but thor-
oughly being sure to avoid leaching and runoff from the container for at least three irrigations or 10 days whichever is longer.  Treated areas may be replanted with any crop specified on an imidacloprid label, or with any crop for which a tolerance exists for the active ingredient. For crops not listed on an imidacloprid label, or for crops for which no tolerances for the active ingredient have been established, a 12-month
plant-back interval should be observed.

Material Form: 
Chemical Type: 
Grub Prevention


We are licensed with the State of Colorado to apply this chemical as per requirements.

S & E Ward's Landscape Mgmt. Inc
QS Stephen Ward ID# 00890  - CO State License #11293

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