IMAZURON - 228-654

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This product is a dispersible granule that is mixed with water and a spray adjuvant and applied as a spray solution to the following noncropland
areas where bare ground is desired: industrial non-crop areas including utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, storage
areas, railroads, utility, and pipeline rights-of-way; highway rights-of-way; non-irrigation ditchbanks; fence rows; farmyards; and non-crop areas
around farm buildings. This product may also be used to control weeds under paved surfaces.
This product controls most annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in addition to many brush and vine species. This product also
provides residual control of weeds that germinate in treated areas.
For annual weed control, either preemergence or postemergence applications may be used; however, a late preemergence to early postemergence
application provides the best results in most situations.
For perennial weed control, this product is only effective when applied postemergence and will not control perennial weeds that have not emerged
at the time of application. For best results, applications should be made when the weeds are growing vigorously and the spray solution should
include a spray adjuvant.
The duration of residual weed control depends upon the types of weeds present, the application rate, and weather conditions. Longer residual control
occurs in areas with sensitive weed species, higher product use rates, lower precipitation and cooler soil temperatures. Higher than average rainfall
or warmer than normal temperatures can significantly affect the residual control this product provides and shorten the overall length of control.
Precautions for Avoiding Injury to Non-target Plants
Untreated trees may be affected by root uptake of this product through movement into the topsoil and injury or loss of desirable trees or other
plants may result if this product is applied on or near desirable trees or other plants, on areas where their roots extend, or in locations where the
treated soil may be washed or moved into contact with their roots. Treatment of powdery dry soil or light sandy soil when there is little likelihood
of rainfall soon after treatment may result in off target movement and possible damage to desirable plants when soil particles are moved by water
and/or wind.

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We are licensed with the State of Colorado to apply this chemical as per requirements.

S & E Ward's Landscape Mgmt. Inc
QS Stephen Ward ID# 00890  - CO State License #11293

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