Residential and Commercial Lawn, Tree and Shrub Fertilizing
Lawn, Tree and Shrub Fertilizing

S & E Ward's Landscaping uses only the best products that are both eco-friendly and safe.

Our company is licensed and certified to apply pesticide, fertilizer, and have the knowledge to assist you to make the right decision for a green and healthy lawn.   At each visit we monitor for insects and diseases problems and treat for weeds upon appearance.  We use slow release fertilizers which gives the lawn fertilizer in small increments.  This is a better approach to reduce the risk of nitrogen burns and leaching.

Did you know?

In conversations with many people through the years, we have come to realize that there is a overall misunderstanding of fertilizers. First of all, fertilizers are not food. Plants make their own food through photosynthesis, which utilizes the light from the sun, to create sugar from carbon dioxide and water. All plants eat is sunlight.

To be healthy, plants require sixteen nutrients, which are the same for all plants. When a plant is deprived of any of the sixteen, the plant becomes sick and dies. This rarely happens because most of these nutrients are already present in the soil. There are times, when some of the nutrients are not there in large enough amounts or aren't available because of the high PH of our soil, because of the large amounts of limestone in our soil. This is where fertilizers and biostimulants come in. Simple, fertilizers contain varying amounts of macronutrients, which are the three numbers that you see on the bag that you buy. These numbers represent in this order nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). There are also a very small amount of micro-nutrients.

Our Solution...

We customize your lawn with professional-grade products. We will fight the drought and the associated problems, such as weeds, lawn-damaging bugs, and disease while providing a nutrient-rich diet and moisture-enhancing products to thicken and green up your lawn. No more messy fertilizer and chemical storage. No more concerns about burning your yard. You do the watering and allow us to do the rest.

What about Trees and Shrubs?

Trees and shrubs need a balanced nutrient mix for proper growth and survival. In a natural setting, trees are fed by humus on the forest floor. In our urban environment, fertilizer is needed to take the place of this natural food. Our landscape also adds stress on trees and shrubs, like compacted soils, air pollution, road salts, poor drainage, and competition with turf grasses, which can impair the health and growth of the tree. Without realizing it, stressed trees are becoming more susceptible to insects and disease, further compounding the restricted growth. With that in mind, one of the best ways we can help our landscape plants grow healthier and to make it more resistant to pest infestation is to give them a proper supply of nutrients.

We offer a slow release application of granular fertilizer for your trees and shrubs in the spring that lasts approximately 3-4 months giving your plants a good start to the growning season.

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