Whether you are enjoying your lush, green lawn, admiring the way landscape lights illuminate a pathway, clearing your driveway after the first snow of the year, or relaxing in the comfort of your home, there is a good chance you’re experiencing the work of Orbit.

Since our founding the Orbit name has been associated with innovative and high-quality home improvement products. Today, we carry those traits with us as we expand our vision to become the world’s leading home improvement products company. Our mission is to empower and inspire customers to improve their homes by providing innovative, easy-to-use products with unmatched value.

source: orbitonline.com

We are not a fan of these products.  They tend to be more on the economic spectrum and the quality is just not as high as we prefer.  That being said, we do use them from time to time in those situations where a homeowner is not in a position to afford anything better.  All the Orbit product work.  They do their job well.  They just don't last as long as other brands.  We see it as we have to repair things more often.

They don't even have a way of contacting them on their website........ does that say anything?

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