Hunter Industries is a family-owned global company that provides high quality, efficient solutions for the irrigation, outdoor lighting, and custom molding industries. Our diverse array of products can be seen everywhere from residential landscapes, to stadiums, national landmarks, theme parks, city parks, commercial complexes, hotels, and municipal buildings around the world. Whether you're from New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, Moscow, or Cairo, the odds are you've probably encountered a Hunter product somewhere along the way.


As for the Hunter irrigation products, they are well made and provide certain benefits in the right situations.  Though we don't use them a lot, some customers request them and we are happy to provide them.  Our irrigation water here in the Gunnison and Colorado River Basins is very abrasive and tends to wear the Hunter gear driven heads out faster.  That is probably why we have not embraced the entire product line.  That being said, they are still amazing products for domestic water systems.

These are some of the Hunter products that we use....

Hunter Industries NODE-BT-200 - 2 Zone Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller 2 Zone NODE-BT-200 Bluetooth Batery Powered Controller
Hunter Industries NODE-BT-400 - 4 Zone Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller 4 Zone NODE-BT-400 Bluetooth Batery Powered Controller
Hunter Industries NODE-BT-100 - 1 Zone Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller 1 Zone NODE-BT-100 Bluetooth Batery Powered Controller
Hunter Industries NODE-100 - 6 Zone Battery Powered Controller 6 Zone NODE-600 Battery Operated Controller
Hunter Industries NODE-100 - 4 Zone Battery Powered Controller 4 Zone NODE-400 Battery Operated Controller
Hunter Industries NODE-200 - 2 Zone Battery Powered Controller 2 Zone NODE-200 Battery Operated Controller
Hunter Industries NODE-100 - 1 Zone Battery Powered Controller 1 Zone NODE-100 Battery Operated Controller
1/2" HC-50F-50F HCV Check Valve FIPT x FIPT
1/2" HC-50F-50M HCV Check Valve FIPT x MIPT
3/4" HC-75F-75M HCV Check Valve FIPT x MIPT
HPV-101A 1" Electric Angle Valve w/ Flow Control
HPV-101G 1" Electric Globe Valve w/ Flow Control
Hunter 12" PRO-SPRAY PROS-12
Hunter 4" PRO-SPRAY PROS-4
Hunter 6" PRO-SPRAY PROS-6
Hunter Freeze-Clik Sensor
Hunter IC600M I-Core Controller w/Metal Cabinet
Hunter ICM-600 6 Station Module
Hunter Mini-Clik Bybass Switch
Hunter Mini-ClikRain Sensor
HUNTER PC-300 3 Zone Outdoor Controller
HUNTER Pro-C Module PCM-300
I-20-04 ADV IntermediateRange ADJRotor w/ Check Valve
I-20-04-SS IntermediateRange ADJ w/ Check Valve /SS Stem
I-20-06 ADV 6" Pop-Up Adj.Rotor w/ Check Valve
I-20-06-SS ADS 6" Pop-Up AdjRotor w/ Check Valve& SS Stem
I-20-12 Hi-Pop IntermediateRange ADJ w/Check Valve
I-25-04 IntermediateRange Geer Drive
I-25-04-SS IntermediateRange Geer Drive/SS Stem
I-40-04-SS LongRange Geer Drive/SS Stem
I-40-04-SS ON Full Circle w/Opposing Noz/Check Vlv/SS Stem
ICV-101G 1" Electric Valve
ICV-101GFS 1" Electric Valve w/Filter Sentry
ICV-151G 1-1/2" Electric Valve
ICV-151G-FS 1-1/2" Electric Valve With Filter Sentry
ICV-201G 2" Electric Valve
ICV-201G-FS 2" Electric Valve With Filter Sentry
MP1000360 360 Degree Olive MPRotator Nozzle
MP100090 210 Degree - 270 Degree Light Blue MPRotator Nozzle
MP100090 90 Degree - 210 Degree Maroon MPRotator Nozzle
MP2000210 210 Degree - 270 Degree Green MPRotator Nozzle
MP2000360 360 Degree - Red MPRotator Nozzle
MP200090 90 Degree - 210 Degree Black MPRotator Nozzle
MP3000210 210 Degree - 270 Degree Yellow MPRotator Nozzle
MP3000360 360 Degree Gray MPRotator Nozzle
MP300090 90 Degree - 210 Degree Blue MPRotator Nozzle
MPCNR Corner 45 degree -105 degree Turquoise MPRotator Nozzle
MPLCS515 Left Corner Strip Ivory MPRotator Nozzle
MPRCS515Right Corner Strip Copper MPRotator Nozzle
MPSS530 Side Strip Brown MPRotator Nozzle
Nozzle Insertion Collar 051-232
PGH-36V Hi-Pop G-Type Gear Drive - Full Circle
PGH-ADV Hi-Pop G-Type Gear Drive - Adj
PGJ-04 4" Pop-Up Rotor
PGJ-04-V 4" Pop-Up Rotor w/ Check Valve
PGJ-06 6" Pop-Up Rotor
PGJ-06-V 6 inch Pop-UpRotor w/ Check Valve
PGJ-12 12" Pop-Up Rotor
PGJ-12-V 12" Pop-Up Rotor w/ Check Valve
PGP-00 G-Type Adjustable Gear Drive Shrub Rotor
PGP-04CV G-Type Adj Gear Drive w/ Check Valve
PGP-04Ultra G-Type Full / Adjustable Gear Drive Rotor
PSR-22 Pump Start Relay
PSU-04-10A 4" Pop-Up with 10 foot Radius Adjustable Ark
PSU-04-12A 4" Pop-Up with 12 foot Radius Adjustable Ark
PSU-04-15A 4" Pop-Up with 15' Radius Adjustable Ark
PSU-04-17A 4" Pop-Up with 17 foot Radius Adjustable Ark
PSU-04-5SS 4" Pop-Up with 5 foot Side Strip Pattern
Rain Click Sensor
SOLARSYNC - Hunter Solar Sync Sensor
SRR-TR Hand Held Transmitter
WirelessRain Click Sensor
[node:field_size] HUNTER PC-300i 3 Zone Indoor Controller

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