02-10-2015 - Pruning at 1500 Hwy 92

Picture of gas station while we prune trees at Safeway

Pruning trees ..... so YOU can get gas!

In this photo, We were working on.... Pruning

This picture looking at the gas station at the Safeway in Delta reminds us that the reason we worry about keeping these trees trimmed back and looking good is also to keep your vehicles looking good.  If we were to let these trees grow out into the roadway, they would scratch your car as you try to get gas. 

Other Photos taken the same day....

Picture of pruning Trees at Safeway 1500 Hwy 92 - Delta Colorado 81416

We like it when the trees look good at Safeway in Delta.

Picture of pruning more trees at Safeway 1500 Hwy 92 - Delta Colorado 81416

Thinking of tacos, as we prune a couple of trees!

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