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This is a pic of the front of 1500 Hwy 92, Delta, Colorado 81416


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We use this website to manage our work orders and to keep track of all the information we need pertaining to your property.  Your property is added to our system the first time we do any work for you.  Once it is added, we will keep all records of work that we perform on your property here within this system.  This allows our team members the ability to look back from anywhere in the area that they may be working and reference past work we have done for you.  Thus saving time and allowing us to better serve you when we respond to any work requests you have made.


Property Information

As we work on your yard, we record certain information to be able to better serve you in the future.  There is also a lot of information we are required to keep track of for the State of Colorado.  This information is kept here on the site to allow our team members to access it when they need it. 

Turf Area:  We measure the amount of grass you have.  This is important for giving you estimates for mowing, fertilizing and aerating.
Total Number of Trees:  We keep track of how many trees you have.
Aspen Trees:  We keep track of how many need to be treated with fungicides.
Pinyon Pine:  We count these because they may need to be sprayed for insects.
Blue Spruce:  We count these because they may need to be sprayed for scales.
Fruit Trees:  How many of these need special treatments.
Other Deciduous Trees:  We count these that may need to be sprayed for Cankers.
Number of Shrubs:  We keep track of shrubs more for estimating on pruning them.

Keeping track of these numbers allows us to not have to spend extra time when you call in to get an estimate.  We can look back on what we have done for you in the past and with these counts be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

All this information is kept confidential and only accessible by our team members when they need it.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

If you contract us to mow your yard, we keep track of a lot of data about your yard; how many square feet it is, how long it takes us every time we mow it, what time of day it was every time we mow it, and how many guys it took.   These are all things we keep track of to be able to better serve you.  In doing so we can make a better determination of how to charge the fairest price to mow your yard.

Last Mowed:  This site lets our crew know when we last mowed your yard
How Often:  Do you want your yard mowed weekly, biweekly or once a month?
Day of week to mow: The day have we assigned it to be mowed on.
Special Instructions:  Is there anything we need to do or worry about when we mow your yard?

Every time our crew sets foot on your yard they are trained to keep an eye on how your yard is doing.  When they enter a mowing work order they are prompted to enter if your yard is dry or overly wet, if there are signs of fungus or insect damage or if there is any other situations that need attention.  This automatically notifies our office staff and prompts them to either contact you or get the ball rolling to get it taken care of. 

Everything we do, we do to better serve you!

Sprinkler System Information

When it comes to your sprinkler system, we keep track of a LOT of information.  It is important for us to be able to assess any issues you are having as soon as possible.  Knowing what type of sprinklers, types of backflow and what controller you have helps us bring the right parts to the job the first time we show up. 

Manual or Automatic: Is your system Manual or Automatic? This particular system is Automatic.
Type of system: Does your system run on Domestic, Well or Irrigation water? This system is a Domestic Water Sprinkler System.
How many zones: We keep track of how many zones your system has. This helps us in many ways like knowing how long it may run. We also base start-up and winterizing fees on this number.
How many zones are drip zones: We keep track of this so that know how many to lok out for while we are blowing out your sprinklers.
Backflow Prevention Device: If your system uses domestic water, the State of Colorado requires that you have an anti-siphon device installed prior to any outlets within the sprinkler system. These require a little bit of maintenance and it is good for us to know what brand and type that you have installed in your sprinkler system.

Photos: We also take pictures of the main parts of your sprinkler system. This helps us know how things are configured.

Snow Removal Information

If you contract us to plow snow for you we keep track of a lot of information here in the site.

Minimal Snow Level to Plow:  How much does it have to snow before you want us to plow.
Complete By: Do you want it done by a certain time of day?
Shovel Sidewalks: Do you want us to shovel sidewalks?
Salt: Do you want us to salt or not?  We use "Ice Melt".  It is made up of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium chloride and it SAFE on most all surfaces.
Amount Per Visit: We decide how much the drivers are allowed to use based on the lot and any restrictions you may have put on it.
Special Instructions:  Is there any special instructions?

These are all things we ask you and keep track of here.  Then when we plow we keep track of how much it snowed, how long it takes us and what all we did.  This is more important for all our commercial accounts than for most of the residential accounts that we take care of. 

Our Snowplow Maps
Safeway - Delta - 1500 Hwy 92, Delta - Plow Map

This sample map is blurred for public view and only viewable by our snowplow drivers.  We create a map for every property that we plow.  It enables us to make sure every snowplow driver knows where you like for us to put the snow.  We also keep track of any hazards that may be in the way or that we need to be careful of.  It also allows us to show what sidewalks you want shoveled or salted.

Spraying Information

The State of Colorado regulates all our spraying activities.  As a licensed commercial applicator, we are required to keep detailed records of every time we spray your property. 

Areas Sprayed:  We are required to draw out the areas that we have sprayed on your property.
Spraying Conditions:  We are required by the State of Colorado to record the wind conditions that we were experiencing while we were spraying your landscaping here at 1500 Hwy 92.
Chemicals Used: We are required to keep track of what all, and how much, we used when we sprayed your property.

The state requires that we keep these records on file for a certain time period.  This site helps us in that regard.

Lighting Information

Whether it is Christmas lights, event lighting or permanent lighting for your yard, we keep track of the details of your project here.

Christmas Lights:  We keep track of the type and the length of lights used on each feature in your yard.
Event Lighting:  We keep track of each event and what types of lights were used. 
Permanent Lighting:  This is an important one to keep track of the different lights we used.  This way if something needs attention, we can make sure to bring the right parts with us when we come to repair your lights.

1500 Hwy 92 - Photographs

These are some of the photos that we have taken while working on this property. 

During Photos

Photo of us fixing a boulder at 1500 Hwy 92, Delta 81416 - Safeway

Yep!  We really love our equipment!

Picture of pruning Trees at Safeway 1500 Hwy 92 - Delta Colorado 81416

We like it when the trees look good at Safeway in Delta.

Picture of pruning more trees at Safeway 1500 Hwy 92 - Delta Colorado 81416

Thinking of tacos, as we prune a couple of trees!

Picture of gas station while we prune trees at Safeway

Pruning trees ..... so YOU can get gas!

After Photos

Photo of a boulder we fixed at 1500 Hwy 92, Delta 81416 - Safeway

Fixing boulders after Semi-Trucks drag them down the road..... That's What We Do!

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