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Our Office

The center of all the action, our new office has worked out perfectly.  You wouldn't know that it started out to be an old run-down cabin of a house.  ....

Our Workshop

Our workshop has bee a great addition to the business.  The construction of it started in the late fall of 2015.  We did most of the dirt-work ourselves. Hinchman Construction did a great job of pouring the concrete.   We purchased the building material package from Look Building LLC in Delta, Co.  All the walls came in pre-built panels that we stood up with our team members.   All the metal siding came pre-cut and fit perfectly.  It all went together very well, even with our crew of landscapers attempting to be builders.  

This building has been more than worth the investment of all the time and money that we have put into it.  It allows our crews a place to store all their equipment and materials out of the rain.  It has enough room that we can pull in trucks and equipment and work on them as they often need a little TLC.  It has a designated heated work area that we can work on equipment all year round.  There is a restroom for the guys and a place to fill out their paperwork.    We also have storage for all the Christmas Decorations that customers have asked us to store for the year. 



Photos and Stuff about us and our shop here at 20143 Austin Rd

Before Photos

Looking from highway gate to old house

Ya,  you can't even see the house!

Looking north up the fence line

Really! There is a house in there

Looking East down South Fence Line

More trees!

Looking North from Austin Rd

See, there is a house

Looking Northwest at the old house

Looking Northwest at the old house

Looking at the Northeast Corner of the old house

Our future office.... going to take some work!

During Photos

It is starting to take shape

More Walls for the Shop!

Other Photos

Detail Drawing of a Manual Brass Ball Valve Assembly

Yep, sometimes people want to just do it manually!

Article about our new location

Check this out!  We made the paper!

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