Equipment Types

Back-pack Leaf Blowers

S & E Ward's Landscape uses professional gradeSTIHL Backpack Blowers.
Designed with professional cleanup tasks in mind, STIHL backpack blowers do more in less time. Their powerful engines and ergonomic design deliver power and comfort for those extended cleanup jobs.

Chain Saws

Legendary STIHL Chainsaws
Industry-leading chainsaws from the company that helped invent them.

STIHL is the name trusted for generations. STIHL chainsaws offer great cutting power, advanced cutting technology and amazing dependability.


Deck Mowers

John Deere's Flat-top design enables clean flow of material throughout the deck and out of the discharge area. This prevents cut material from interfering with the cutting of incoming grass, allowing the blades to cut the material cleanly.


A dethatcher is a piece of equipment that mechanically removes from a lawn of a thatch layer that is too thick. Dethatching is not nearly as big a part of lawn care as is mowing. In fact, some homeowners may never need to dethatch the lawn. Some types of grass simply are not as susceptible to thatch build-up as others.

Diesel Air Compressors

One of the most popular models of air compressors, especially for heavy-duty uses, the diesel air compressor is a great choice for many companies. Unlike an electrically powered compressor, a diesel air compressor has no cord, so you can avoid the trouble of moving a cord along with the compressor.


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